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AJE Goddess Mist

AJE Goddess Mist

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AJE, Orisha Goddess of Wealth. also Aje Shaluga

As ruler of wealth in all its forms, Aje is widely worshiped, even if Her name is unknown to many.  Accessed through Yoruban Orisha and Voudoun traditions, Aje may manifest in female or male form and is thought to be the companion of Oshun in some practices. She is the energy and the distributor of money, currency, wealth, and material prosperity, as well as the art of dyeing fabric. She is calm, compassionate, and generous, patiently guiding and nurturing those who need to be freed from poverty. Capitalism, profit, and business relations - as well as generosity and charity - all fall under Her rule.

A manifesting blend of patchouli, peppermint, and amber oils.


2 ounce bottle.

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