BASTET Anointing Oil
BASTET Anointing Oil

BASTET Anointing Oil

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BASTET is the popular cat-headed Goddess of ancient Egypt who rules perfumes and the power of scent, making her a modern patroness of essential oils and aromatherapy. She embodies the characteristics of a feline: grace, cunning, playfulness, and a hunter’s spirit. As BASTET translates to She of the Ointment Jar, it can be said that the Goddess acts as a conduit between the practitioner and the spiritual journey to pleasure and sensuality.

The BASTET Anointing Oil was created from divine intention, and can be used to anoint the body and/or ritually bless sacred tools before any magickal working or ceremony. This holy oil is especially effective as an anointing to the hands, feet, and heart before meditation and chanting rituals.

An aromatic blend of frankincense, ylang ylang, and jasmine in an olive oil base, infused with carnelian crystals.

This oil has been blessed, consecrated, and is ready for use.

10 ml bottle with intuitively chosen gemstone roller and gold cap.