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RED Priestess

Bayou Water

Bayou Water

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An organic alternative to Florida Water, this specialized blend of essential oils and floral waters was intuitively designed by Priestess Auset inspired by her ancestral bayou roots. The soothing yet powerful mix of orange blossoms, magnolia, cypress, and moss calls forth the essence of blooming, wet earth and candlelit magick.

Bayou Water can be used for an abundance of purposes in your spiritual and magickal practices. A few drops in your bath water or sprayed through your aura works as a ritual blessing, a hex breaker, and protection for your mind, body, and spirit. Wiping down your altar, your hands, and any magickal tools purifies and empowers them in preparation for ritual work. Bayou Water can also be used in home blessings as a house and floor wash, cleansing away stagnant energies and creating an atmosphere of joy, richness, and comfort.

Use in ancestor work as an offering, or as a replacement for holy water in any spell, reading, or ritual. You can even use Bayou Water as a base or *secret ingredient* in your own magickal potions!

Handblended and mystically blessed, Bayou Water is available as a 2-ounce spray or a 5-ounce dripper bottle.

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