CIRCE Goddess Mist

CIRCE Goddess Mist

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Enchantress, Siren, Sorceress, Herbalist, Temptress, Transformer, Witch, Illusionist, Necromancer, Daughter of Hekate, Wrathful, Benevolent …

Best known for Her role in The Odyssey mythology, Circe is the Greek High Priestess and demi-Goddess of magick and spellcasting.  She is attended by many priestesses, and specializes in illusions, transformations, and necromancy.  She is the mother of magickal herbs, and hallucinogens, and at times is considered a Priestess or “Daughter” of the Goddess Hekate. She clears the mind and guides the lost and bewildered to their destinations, and Her powers of seduction are based in the knowledge of positive feminine manipulation.  Circe is also a liminal Goddess, as She lives at the outer reaches of the upper world, but has great knowledge of ways to traverse the Underworld.

A witchy blend of amber resin, hibiscus, and ravensara essential oils in mugwort and skullcap water.


2 ounce bottle