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FREYA Goddess Mist

FREYA Goddess Mist

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FREYA, Nordic Goddess of Love and War

Freya is the Mistress, Queen, and described as the most beautiful of all Goddesses. No male (mortal or Divine) can resist Her, and mythology states She is the inspiration of all poetry. She is invoked for happiness in love and familial relations, as well as sex and sensuality. Freya saunters into your consciousness to help you explore the sacredness of your sexuality. In the journey toward wholeness, the temple of the body can provide a pathway to bliss, vitality, and self-acceptance. When we are willing to bring all of who we are into our sexual encounters, we reach new levels of intimacy and inner knowing. Freya teaches you to honor the beauty of your erotic nature as a tool of self-awareness, whether or not you have a partner. By grounding and centering within our primal sexual energy, our body and soul become one, creating a space of sacred love and divinity.  

Freya is connected to the Valkyries as She gathers the souls of the dead and slain warriors, escorting them to the afterlife.  She is also a shaman, a sorceress, and a lover of beauty and material pleasures

An sultry blend of sweet birch and rose absolute essential oils, with amber resin.


2 ounce bottle.

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