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Goddess Artemis Guided Meditation

Goddess Artemis Guided Meditation

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Artemis is the Greek Goddess of the Hunt, ruler of the wilderness and wild animals.  As the Virgin Huntress, She becomes the “Hero”: the personification of independence and self-reliance, and the defender of the weak and abused.  Artemis teaches how to live a balanced existence of sovereignty and the light of youth: wild, unbound, happy, expressive, free. She is often depicted in a short skirt that leaves her legs free for running, in a forest setting, carrying a bow and arrow for hunting. 

This guided meditation is offered by Priestess Brandi Auset for practitioners who already have a connection to Artemis. It is suggested you call upon Her presence in your own words before completing this meditation. Here, you will journey into the Goddess’ forests to find the totem animal of your Wild Self. Perform this meditation whenever you feel the need to connect with your wildness, to find your current animal totem, and to discover barriers towards your personal freedom.


16 minute meditation, immediate download in mp3 format

This meditation can also be found in the Wild and Sensual Woman ecourse.

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