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Goddess Hekate Guided Meditation

Goddess Hekate Guided Meditation

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Hekate is known as the Greek Goddess of the Crossroads. She is a Threefold Goddess, now primarily worshiped as the Queen of Ghosts and Witches, although many modern women are finding her presence and protection within the psychic realms and for life transitions. The ultimate sorceress and diviner, Hekate can teach her followers the path of mystery and magick, and guides the seeker to the depths of the unconscious mind.

This guided meditation is offered by Priestess Brandi Auset so you may evoke and connect with the Goddess Hekate. Perform this meditation whenever you need to feel the dark, transformative magick of the Goddess, during cycles of endings/beginnings, or as an a ritual to gain wisdom and choose a new life path.


19 minute meditation, immediate download in mp3 format

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