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Goddess Oshun Guided Meditation

Goddess Oshun Guided Meditation

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Oshun’s worship spread from Western Africa to the New World, where She is honored in a variety of traditions.  She is the Orisha Goddess of sensuality, love, beauty, femininity, joy, and pleasure. She rules the sweet waters of the world (rivers, streams, and fresh waters), making her the preserver of human, animal, and plant life. 

Oshun awakens our own pleasure-seeking nature, the spoken and unconscious desires we have in regard to living our lives to fullest. As the source of feminine power and sensuality her energy is founded in the golden sweetness of being human: all the exciting, love-filled and pleasurable experiences that make us swoon.

This guided meditation is offered by Priestess Brandi Auset so you may connect with the Goddess Oshun and Her river of golden abundance. Perform this meditation whenever you need to feel the love-filled, decadent magick of the Goddess, the divine support of feminine energy, and the blessings of sweet water.


15 minute meditation, immediate download in mp3 format.

This meditation can also be found in the Wild and Sensual Woman ecourse.

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