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HATHOR Goddess Mist

HATHOR Goddess Mist

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HATHOR, Egyptian Goddess of Love and Happiness

The embodiment of success and abundance, Hathor rules all aspects of beauty, wealth, and the arts.  She is the patroness of dancers and musicians, and rules all aspects of womanhood and femininity. A benign deity, Hathor bestows happiness and joy on Her followers, and is most often worshipped with fragrant perfumes, songs, and dance rituals.  She is depicted as a beautiful woman with a cow’s ears carrying a sistrum.  Her traditional offerings are two mirrors, and myrrh.

Hathor offers a gentle yet passionate approach to love, commitment, and joy. Her magick influences all earthly realms of contentment, affection, romantic relationships, sensuality, and infatuation leading to true, lasting love. When we go through troubled times, it is Hathor who reminds us of the joys in life. We learn to see beyond the pain to the bliss that lies ahead.  She says, “Gentle, joyful, happy, pleasure.”


A lovely blend of cinnamon, myrrh, and vanilla oils in honey water.


2 ounce bottle.

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