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HESTIA Goddess Mist

HESTIA Goddess Mist

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HESTIA, Greek Goddess of Hearth and Home

Hestia embodies both the maiden and the crone, as She is the first child of Rhea and Kronos, but the last to be freed from her father’s belly by Zeus.  As the Goddess of the sacred flame, She brings light and warmth into your life, providing the vibration needed to create a sacred space.  Hestia is mainly worshiped in the home as the hearth, where She provides the protection and abundance needed to sustain life.  It is Her presence within the home that produces security, blessings, and familial love.  Hestia is a true virgin goddess, constantly fending off sexual advances from both mortals an gods, choosing instead to remain abstinent. 

Hestia is the comfort and joy found in the physical manifestations of abundance, and with her you are always safe and supported. She is depicted as a young woman wearing a veil, or as an older matronly figure.


A warm blend of clove, cedar, and angelica essential oils, in a sage water base.


2 ounce bottle.

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