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INANNA Anointing Oil

INANNA Anointing Oil

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Inanna - Sumerian Goddess of Love and War

Known as Ishtar by the Babylonians, Inanna was worshipped throughout Mesopotamia as the Queen of Heaven and Earth.  She is a lunar goddess, and is seen as the morning and evening stars.  Her powers of seduction and sensuality made Her name synonymous with fertility and mating rituals.  Sister of Ereshkigal, Inanna empowers the light side of the soul, imparting wisdom and the magick of life and death.  As a war goddess, She protected Her city and followers, dispensing justice and the laws of the land.  Her symbols are the lion and the eight pointed star.

The INANNA Anointing Oil was created from divine intention and can be used to anoint the body and/or ritually bless sacred tools before any magickal working or ceremony. This holy perfume oil is especially effective as an anointing to the hands, feet, and heart before meditation and sensual rituals.

A powerful, richly scented blend of amber resin, with cypress and juniper essential oils in a rose oil base, infused with botanical jasmine buds.

This oil has been blessed, consecrated, and is ready for use.

10 mL bottle with intuitively chosen gemstone roller and gold cap.

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