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RED Priestess

Inner Worlds: A Meditation and Intuition Workshop

Inner Worlds: A Meditation and Intuition Workshop

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Priestesses Brandi Auset and Kimberly Moore are delighted to invite you to spend a few hours on the inner planes with them!

In this one day, three-hour workshop, we will be exploring the inner planes, sharing fresh passive and active meditation techniques, discussing intuition and the "clairs", and reviewing personal protection practices for safe journeying.

The Inner Worlds are what we are speaking of when we say, "As within, so without, as above, so below, as the universe, so the soul.”  We touch our inner worlds every single day through meditation, yoga practice, chanting, dreams, AHA moments, synchronicities, devotional practice with Goddess, gut feelings, and even navel-gazing! When we consciously cultivate contact with our inner worlds, we open to the magick and richness of our soul selves and the connection becomes stronger. 

This workshop is open to everyone at any level of experience and practice!

The benefits of this connection are immeasurable:  radical self-care; deeper relationship with Goddess; alignment of mind, body, spirit; less anxiety and stress; and magick, magick, magick!


What you’ll learn in this one day, 3-hour workshop:

·         Meditations and mystical explorations to suit your personal style
·         Practices to strengthen your intuition and magick
·         The benefits of chanting, breathwork, and the chakras
·         Energetic protection for yourself in the physical and the astral


Are you ready to join us on the inner planes? We can't wait to see you!

THE INNER WORLDS WORKSHOP IS MAY 25, 2024 from 11am to 2pm pacific time. This 3-hour workshop will be recorded for later viewing.


Sign up here and be added to the workshop within 24 hours. Course is hosted on an online platform, courtesy of MotherHouse of the Goddess.

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