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KALI MA Goddess Mist

KALI MA Goddess Mist

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KALI MA, Hindu Goddess of Time.

KALI MA is the manifestation of the Divine Mother in Hindu society. She is most often depicted in Her destroyer aspect, with black skin, a skirt of human limbs, and a necklace of skulls. She is the creating force of the universe, and is the eternal power of time, order and chaos. She is dark and formless, and Her unlimited power of transformation is often compared to the black holes found in space. She destroys that which is no longer needed, creating a void from which all things are possible. KALI MA is the Shakti of Shiva, and also rules wild, untamed feminine strength.

An aromatherapeutic blend of sandalwood, cinnamon, and star anise essential oils.

2-ounce bottle.

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