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Liberation: The Dance of KALI MA

Liberation: The Dance of KALI MA

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Kali Maa.

The Shakti, the Dark Mother, She of Eternity and Boundless Power. Her cosmic dance transforms, aligns, and frees you from burden.

Hindu Goddess Kali Ma is the creating force of the universe, and the eternal power of time, karma, and transcendental wisdom. She liberates us from illusions, cutting away our ego, our ignorance, and those things which no longer serve our highest good. 

Many practitioners fear connecting with Kali Ma, finding her harsh, brutal, and overwhelming. But an in-depth study of this Goddess’ energy shows that She operates from a space of love and inevitability. Though Her imagery can inspire fear and dread, Kali is  a kind and loving Goddess, as well as a divine protector.

This month-long workshop is designed to open and connect you with the liberating nature of the Hindu Goddess Kali Ma. We will be approaching Kali from a modern Goddess spirituality platform instead of a traditional or initiated tantric view.

Every other day you will receive a discussion of Kali’s influence, aspects, and an inspiring prompt, activity, or meditation to unite your energy with the freedom offered by the Black Goddess.


This online workshop is self-paced, and begins as soon as you register. Sign up here and be added to the online course space within 24 hours.

Course is hosted on an online platform, courtesy of

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