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Love & Honey: a 5 Month Devotional to the Goddess Oshun

Love & Honey: a 5 Month Devotional to the Goddess Oshun

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Within a daily devotional practice, you create a divine intimacy with the Goddess through prayers, ritual, and intention.

Join Priestess Brandi Auset in a 5 month devotional practice honoring and aligning with the Orisha Goddess Oshun!

The Orisha Goddess OSHUN is the Divine Feminine energy of joy, pleasure, abundance, and sensuality. Patroness of women and witches, She represents the sweet waters: the sacred flow which creates love, prosperity, and magick in our lives and hearts.

A devotional practice is just that: devotion. You devote time, energy, and attention to the Goddess daily, creating a divinely intimate relationship with Her. But you do this in a way that fits your lifestyle, your comfort level, and your personal needs. You don’t have to be ordained or be a Priestess; all that is required is your desire to unite with a particular Goddess, and weave her energy into your life.

This course offers the art of celebrating and connecting to Oshun, not to petition, but to attune your senses to the lusciousness and abundance that is Her. By channeling and bonding with Her daily, you learn to cultivate and savor the blessings of Her golden honey, and open yourself to the flow of orgasmic living. We’ll read Her stories, sing Her songs, learn Her likes and loves, discover Her secret language for you.

Devote yourself to Oshun, and She will devote Herself to you.

This workshop is an active devotional experience, a guided journey to build your relationship with the Goddess Oshun.

This experience includes:

  • A 15 min daily routine of prayer, chanting, and yoga dedicated to Oshun (modified with new content each month)
  • Weekly divination practices and journal prompts
  • Monthly lectures, rituals, and recipes
  • A monthly Zoom meeting for Oshun meditation and conversation (sessions recorded for later viewing)
  • BONUS! Admission to the eCourse ENCHANTED: The Magick of Oshun. This workshop is self-paced. Every other day you will receive a discussion of OSHUN’s influence, and an inspiring prompt/activity to unite your energy with the blessings of the Honey Goddess.


Our journey begins February 3rd, 2024!

$275 for this 5 month experience. Payment plan is available at $55 a month for 5 months.

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