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March Goddess Blessing - KUAN YIN

March Goddess Blessing - KUAN YIN

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Devotions and prayers dedicated to the Divine Feminine are a doorway, an opening between the natural world and the mystical unknown. The altar is the anchor of this liminal space, the place where the energy is raised, the magick is spun, and your intentions are given shape and form by the hands of the Goddess.

Goddess Altar Blessings are a ritual spiritual service to connect with the Divine Feminine and manifest more light, more love, and more healing in your life.

On the third Sunday of every month, Priestess Brandi Auset opens the Goddess Altar for your petitions and prayers. Each ceremony is dedicated to a specific Goddess, and the altar is decorated and adorned with Her flowers, crystals, and magickal tools. A spell candle will be ritually anointed and lit for you, and your petition will be ceremonially offered with the appropriate incense, energy, and prayers.  

 The March Goddess Altar is dedicated to the Chinese Goddess KUAN YIN.

Worshipped throughout the world, Kuan Yin is the Mother of Compassion and Healing.  Her name translates as She Who Hears the Weeping World, and She accepts and responds to all prayers.  Kuan Yin is the calm in the storm, a beacon to the needy, the Mother who bends gracefully and willingly to respond to the fears of her children.  As the patroness of healers, Kuan Yin cures ailments of mind, body and spirit. 

This Altar Blessing will invite Kuan Yin to bestow upon us:

  • Opening and activation of the Heart Chakra
  • Forgiveness of past and present karma
  • Deepening loving relationships of all kinds
  • Cultivating the healing of illness and ailments in the physical body
  • Relieving the suffering of heartache, grief, and loss
  • Creating and living a life of gratitude and joy 

The Goddess Altar Blessing will be performed on Sunday, March 17th, 2024.  After the ritual is complete, you will receive photos of the altar, a summation of the work done, and suggestions for your personal practice.

All you have to do is sign up and submit your petition or prayer! Practitioners can submit their petitions for any positive purpose.

Sign up for the KUAN YIN Altar and submit your petition by March 15th, 2024.


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