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RED Priestess

MORGAN LE FAY Goddess Mist

MORGAN LE FAY Goddess Mist

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MORGAN LE FAY, Celtic Goddess of Sorcery

Morgan Le Fay is the enchantress of Arthurian legend, the wise sorceress of great magick, intuition, and seduction. Thought to have originated from Welsh mythology, She is witch, faerie, Priestess of Avalon, or Goddess, depending upon the tale. Her magickal powers of prediction and enchantment allow her to transform and alter destiny. Also known as the Queen of the Fairies, Morgan Le Fay is a shapeshifter, and helps you to transform your circumstances into whatever you choose.  Her power of seduction and mystical enchantments are beyond compare, and She is of a dual nature, embracing both the light and the shadow as the source of life and love.

A mystical blend of apple, amber, and oak moss oils.

2 ounce bottle.

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