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RED Priestess

Mugwort Sage Mist

Mugwort Sage Mist

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The Mugwort Sage Mist is especially effective for energetic practitioners, intuitives, and those involved in magickal, witchy workings. The Sage cleanses and protects while the Mugwort opens the third eye and helps connect to the spirit-world. Using a blend of both calls in magicks, energies, and spirits of benevolent intent.

Spray the mist in your home, office, or ritual space – anywhere negative frequencies and vibrations need to be identified and cleansed. This spray allows you to clear harmful, stagnant energies from your aura and your living areas without setting off the smoke alarm!.Each bottle includes quartz crystal gem essence, which continuously amplifies the blend.


Ingredients: deionized moon-blessed mugwort water, white sage, Four Thieves essential oil blend, solar-evaporated sea salt, quartz crystal essence, vegetable emulsifier

Available in 2-ounce or 4-ounce bottles.

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