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NEPHTHYS Anointing Oil

NEPHTHYS Anointing Oil

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NEPHTHYS, Egyptian Goddess of the Dark

Nephthys is the Egyptian Goddess of the Dead, Divine Psychopomp, and the Keeper of the Hidden. The mirror image of Her Sister-Goddess Isis in both appearance and skill, She is at times considered to be the shadow side of her sister instead of a separate entity. Her magical spells and guidance were necessary for any soul navigating the various levels of Duat, the Egyptian Underworld. Only Nephthys had the power to breathe life back into the dead.

In many of Her myths, Nephthys is a deeply feeling Goddess, Her love of Divine Family and humanity a motivating force in Her decisions and magick. Whether you are honoring your ancestors, mourning a lost loved one, or participating in your own birth-death-rebirth evolution, Nephthys will hold your hand and guide you through the journey.

The NEPHTHYS Anointing Oil was created from divine intention and can be used to anoint the body and/or ritually bless sacred tools before any magickal working or ceremony. This holy perfume oil is especially effective as an anointing to the hands, feet, and heart before meditation and magickal rituals.

A deep, enchanting scented blend of vetiver, allspice, ginger, and blue lotus essential oils in an olive oil base, infused with botanical blue lotus petals.

This oil has been blessed, consecrated, and is ready for use.

10 mL bottle with intuitively chosen gemstone roller and gold cap.

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