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NUT Goddess Mist

NUT Goddess Mist

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NUT, Egyptian Goddess of the Sky and Heavenly Bodies

Nut is the Lady of the Sky and Nightfall, and as such holds influence over all things related to night: mystery, dreams, rest, intuition, and celestial magick. She blesses her practitioners with prophetic dreams, and guides us to create our desires in the physical world. Each night, Nut swallows the sun (aka the God RA), allowing the energy to pass through her body and giving birth to it/him each day, a symbol of her powers over death, resurrection, and creation. The Nile River, with its nourishment and life-sustaining power, was thought to be her reflection upon the earth.  Nut says, “As Above, So Below.”

A sacred blend of frankincense, myrrh, lotus, and neroli essential oils.


2 ounce bottle.

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