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Pen and Priestess: The Goddess SEKHMET

Pen and Priestess: The Goddess SEKHMET

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Transform your life with the words of Sekhmet...

As the power of creation and destruction, the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet is the balance between the light and the shadow. A solar deity and Warrior Goddess, She leads us to discover and express our true emotions, and how to use our ferocity as a catalyst for change and healing.

Using writing as ritual allows you to mystically connect to the power of words, and gives Goddess the opportunity to speak to you through the magick of pen meeting paper.

In this 90+minute on-demand video workshop, Brandi leads a discussion and meditation on the Goddess Sekhmet, then flows directly into prompted and unprompted writing sprints. Our focus is to create and expand our personal relationship with the Goddess. We also experiment with automatic writing and creating divine verses like invocations, evocations, and praise poetry.

Pen and Priestess videos are designed for advanced practitioners and priestesses who have a rooted relationship with the Divine Feminine. It is also suggested you have an established writing or journaling practice.

With the new on-demand video format of Pen and Priestess, you can work and write at your own pace, on your own time.

 Enroll now and immediately receive Sekhmet bonus materials to explore! Video delivers directly to your inbox on April 20th.

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