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RED Priestess

Permission to Be: 7 Practices to Connect to Your Authentic Self

Permission to Be: 7 Practices to Connect to Your Authentic Self

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Be curious. Be rebellious. Be wrong. Be embarrassed. Be messy. Be soft. Be lucky.

Be open.

We live our lives regulated by rules and boundaries: some societal, but mostly self-imposed. Whether or not it is our intention, we often miss out on opportunities for growth and happiness, because we feel we must have permission to live openly and authentically.

To live openly and authentically, you need only give yourself permission to be who you are at this moment.

At every moment.

In this FREE 7-day mini-workshop, we will look at some of the essential permissions needed to allow yourself to BE. Each day, you'll receive a thoughtful discussion along with an inspiring activity or prompt to support your journey towards an open life.

To BE happy. To BE genuine. To BE free.

Right here, now, in this moment, is when the sacred pursuit of openness and authenticity begins. Which is actually kind of perfect.

Because here is where you are!



This workshop is self-paced, and begins as soon as you register. Sign up here and be added to the class within 24 hours.

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