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POMBA GIRA Goddess Mist

POMBA GIRA Goddess Mist

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POMBA GIRA, African Goddess of Sexuality

Known in Bantu and Afro-Brazilian spiritualities, Pomba Gira is the personification of female sensuality, sexuality, and beauty. She has multiple faces/avatars, but is most often worshiped as the promiscuous energy of the Sacred Harlot, the Concubine, the Prostitute, and the Scarlet Woman. Pomba Gira is the spiral of cigarette smoke, the scent of roses and honey, the heat of blood and bone, the dagger hidden in the garter. She connects to the desires of the heart, body, and the material world; She is often invoked for love spells, sex magick, and prosperity rituals.

Pomba Gira is also a guardian of the crossroads and a powerful Witch, known for Her spirit magick and her (occasionally amoral) protection of women. Her temper is quick and She answers petitions quickly but demands payment upfront, so always have your offerings and tithes ready when invoking Her. She is not to be approached lightly, and it is suggested practitioners do their due diligence in research and ritual study before invoking or evoking Pomba Gira.

A seductive blend of rose absolut, neroli, tobacco, and chili pepper essential oils in a rose water base.


2 ounce bottle