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RED Priestess



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The Priestess is the healer, the shaman, the initiator, the guide into the Unknown, the hollow bone, the flute to be played by Goddess. A lover of knowledge and wisdom, the Priestess teaches what she has learned to those who have proved themselves willing and worthy of her attention. The focus of her studies may vary, but her role is to be the active guide, the bridge between the conscious and unconscious.

Her life is dedicated to the education and of healing others with her abilities, her connection to the Divine, and the mysteries of the Universe. She is ‘tuned in’; a channel of higher frequencies of existence that few others dare to enter or know. The Priestess balances this esoteric wisdom with a working knowledge of the physical world, and she initiates others into mystical, divine, magickal, and holistic practices, creating lineages of spiritual traditions.

The PRIESTESS Divine Mist is a powerful and sacred blend of cinnamon, lemon, frankincense, myrrh, oak moss, and juniper essential oils in an orange water base.


2 ounce bottle

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