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SEKHMET Anointing Oil

SEKHMET Anointing Oil

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SEKHMET, Egyptian Goddess of Righteous Anger

Sekhmet is referred to as the Eye of Ra, as She is the personification of anger and justice.  Her role as both a creative and destructive force aligns Her with women, as she represents the fire of femininity.  She is the warrior and the healer, the power and light of the sun the root of Her power.  Sekhmet protects women, bestows inner balance, and stands for righteous anger.  


A warm, potent blend of cinnamon, frankincense, and blood orange essentials in jojoba oil, infused with carnelian and black jasper crystal chips.

This oil has been blessed, consecrated, and is ready for use. Use this 10ml perfume roller on your pulse points (wrists, behind ears, heart, backs of knees) during rituals, meditations, and sacred workings for maximum magickal benefit.

10 mL bottle with intuitively chosen gemstone roller and gold cap.

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