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RED Priestess

SHEELA NA GIG Goddess Mist

SHEELA NA GIG Goddess Mist

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Sheela na Gigs (or Sheila na Gig) are the name for the stone carvings found throughout Ireland, Great Britain, France and Spain that depict a nude female figure exposing her vulva. 

As a Goddess figure, Sheela na Gig is seen as the Divine and Lustful Hag, the Dark Crone Goddess, and the definitive epithet of the feminine mysteries of life and death. Her skeletal body, huge grin, and gaping yoni can take many people aback.  With Her strong, bony fingers, She stretches her vulva wide, letting that sacred passageway spill the secrets of the universe.   She is the doorway, the gateway to the unseen. Sheela Na Gig acts as the bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds, her yoni the opening to the mysteries of the universe. She holds the power of universal and interdimensional wisdom, as well as intuition and oracular knowledge. Sheela Na Gig is the laughter and passion of existence and she upholds the cycle of birth, death and rebirth.


An esoteric and high-note blend of helichrysum, ravensara, evergreen, and cypress essential oils.


2 ounce bottle.

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