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RED Priestess

Shield Mist

Shield Mist

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Psychic Self Defense in a bottle! The SHIELD Mist is a powerful blend of essential oils, flower and crystal essences, and herbal extracts to assist you in setting boundaries energetically, keeping harmful energy, vibrations, and intentions away from your person and spirit. It is suited for any level practitioner or Priestess, but this mist is ideal for the empath who needs a little help in establishing their armor.  Cover yourself in a fragrant blanket of protection in your home, your office, and overwhelming public outings.

Energizing your psychic self-defenses places you at the center of your power and delivers potent messages to the universe:  A Holy Yes to what supports, inspires, and lifts and a Resounding No to what depletes, drains, or drags down. The SHIELD Mist will become an important part of your spiritual and magickal practice!

 A powerful blend of palo santo, vetiver, and sandalwood essentials oils in various flower waters with crystal essences.

 2 ounce bottle

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