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SOPHIA Goddess Mist

SOPHIA Goddess Mist

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SOPHIA, Gnostic Goddess of Wisdom 

In Gnostic and Judeo Christian traditions, Sophia is the Divine Feminine and the Holy Spirit of the Christian Trinity.  She is the mother of all creation and the universe.  As the voice and the wisdom of God, a piece of Sophia is said to reside in every human.  She is a heavenly spirit, yet descends to Earth to act as the link between the Divine and humanity, only revealing herself to the true seeker of knowledge. As an oracular Goddess, Sophia provides both the mystical and human components of intuition.  She paves the way and provides for deep moments of introspection and self knowing.  

A gentle blend of lily of the valley, white lotus,  and juniper essential oils.  


2-ounce bottle.

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