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WITCH Divine Mist

WITCH Divine Mist

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The Witch is the Enchantress, the Sorceress, and the Siren: wild, untameable, and the essence of the magickal. She transforms situations, influences circumstances, seduces life and loves, and can heal or curse with her spells, charms, and energy.

The Witch is dedicated to the magickal arts and the study of mystical power. She is a powerful intuitive, a skillful diviner, and she holds sway in both the natural and the supernatural realms. Her dance of dark and bright swirls her between the worlds of the conscious and unconscious, and her knowledge of the esoteric gives her the tools and abilities to manifest her desires.

THE WITCH Divine Mist is a transcendent blend of sandalwood, myrrh, and rose geranium essential oils in a rose water base.


2 ounce bottle