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RED Priestess

Writing the Wild Heart eBook

Writing the Wild Heart eBook

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Writing the Wild Heart began as an online workshop, designed for women to come together in a community of writing and self-discovery.  Now presented in eBook format, this writing practice is available for you to work at your own pace, and perhaps even guide your own communities of words and wildness.

Within the content of Writing the Wild Heart, you are invited to shift into the loving wildness of your spirit. Each lesson is an intuitive and practical journal prompt; questions designed to stimulate your passions, discover your treasures, and voice your truth.  The openness of journal writing allows you to move beyond the confines of daily life and tap into the creativity, healing, and inspiration you’ve been searching for. Learn exactly what you need to wholly live your untamed self, without shame or regret.

Let your words guide you to the truth of your desires.

Tell your stories, and rediscover yourself.

Allow your wild heart the freedom to speak!


PDF format, immediate download upon purchase.

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